The Planning Panel Report for Planning Scheme Amendment C198 is now publicly available. Most of the Heritage Overlays proposed in the City North Heritage Review 2012 (authored by RBA) were recommended by the panel to be included. Council will consider the findings in the near future. Amendment C198 seeks to change the Melbourne Planning Scheme by introducing new individual heritage overlays and heritage precincts, removing a some individual places from the heritage overlay (e.g. those now demolished), modifying boundaries to some existing precincts, and changing the existing grading of some places.

In preparing the City North Heritage Review, RBA reviewed the heritage status of over 450 sites, including precincts, in adjoining parts of Carlton, Melbourne, North Melbourne and West Melbourne in the vicinity of the Queen Victoria Market and south of the University of Melbourne.

Many of the additional places recommended for heritage protection date to the Interwar period, especially factory buildings, with a few Post-WWII buildings including the former TAA building (1965) in Franklin Street and the Former Ramsay Surgical Precinct (1970s).

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Above: TAA building, Franklin Street, 1975 (Source: State Library of Victoria, Image H2000.52/11)
Above: Former Interwar Factory, 186-190 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne
20 August 2014

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