To a great extent, our business is about maintaining a link with the past, so it’s important that we actively contribute to the growing body of knowledge within our industry and the public domain.

Our work has been presented and published both in Australia and abroad, and consistently recognised by our industry peers.

Below are some of our key contributions and successes.

(Papers and presentations delivered by director Roger Beeston)

Bakery Hill: Gold and the Birthplace of Australian Democracy
Australian Historical Association 2016 Conference:
From Boom to Bust

‘Cultural Mapping: an Australian Perspective’
Australia Business Week in India, India, January 2015

‘Adapting vernacular Architecure:
The case of the Singapore Cottage in Melbourne’
VERSUS2014 International Conference on Vernacular Heritage, Sustainability and Earthen Architecture, Valencia, Spain,
September 2014

Conservation Management Planning: ‘the Japanese Room at the University of Melbourne’ Principles of Conservation, University of Melbourne, March 2014

‘Many Parallels, Some Issues: Cultural Heritage Conservation
as a Subset of Whole-of-Environment Conservation’
Heritage Conservation as Environmental Conservation,
University of Melbourne, March 2014

Kamarajar Memorial House, Virudhunagar, Southern India
ICOM-DEMHIST Conference Getty Institute,
Los Angeles, 2012

A Singapore Cottage in Melbourne
The Pacific Connection: Trade, Travel & Technology Transfer conference, The University of Melbourne
February 2009

The Singapore Cottage in Australia: Exported, Adapted, Layered, Conserved and Interpreted
International Conference on Heritage in Asia: Converging Forces and Conflicting Values – National University of Singapore,
January 2009

Victorian Stucco seminar
(The Association for Preservation Technology International) – South Melbourne Town Hall
May 2007

Conservation management workshop
(AusHeritage) – Yan Gong, Myanmar
August 2004

Conservation management workshop
(AusHeritage) – New Delhi
March 2004

Sandridge (Bendigo) Gaol, Victoria
Historic Environment
vol 14, no 2, p17, 1999