Malmsbury & Carlsruhe Railway Viaducts

RBA are researching and documenting works for the refurbishment and repointing of two basalt railway viaducts on the Bendigo railway line (originally known as the Sandhurst line) at Malmsbury and Carlsruhe.


The large, five bay Malmsbury viaduct constructed in 1859, was the scene of Victoria’s first strike. Six hundred men worked at the site of the 500 ft (152 metre) long structure, one of the largest and most intact examples of a large railway bridge built to nineteenth century techniques.



Maldon Goods Shed

Another completed railway project by RBA is the refurbishment of the Maldon Goods Shed. An historical photograph was used as a guide to the reconstruction of an extended platform to the east of the building. The site was inspected during the works by state member Maree Edwards, who announced the restoration funding along with federal member Lisa Chester. As an adaptive reuse of the building, the Victorian Goldfields Railway, a volunteer group, utilise the space as a workshop to rejuvenate and rebuild rail carriages to join others drawn by an authentic steam train on the Maldon to Castlemaine tourist line.

29 August 2016

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