The modest former Methodist Church on Yan Yean Road, Plenty, was constructed of timber c1920s. The building is historically significant for its long association with religious community gatherings and activities when Plenty was still a farming area. The church was later decommissioned and more recently operated as a florist/café.

Church Interior:















Church Relocation:















The Yan Yean Road was to be widened and the church had to be relocated. RBA were commissioned to facilitate the relocation and prepare conservation works documentation. A new setting for the church building was found at the Plenty Heritage Park, approx. 1km further south from its original location.

Church Relocation:















The building was relocated in August 2018 by Mammoth Movers. The building is still within the Plenty area and the local historical society are interested in using the building.

Church Relocation:

12 September 2018

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