At RBA we celebrate contemporary architectural design in addition to the retained legacy of the very best that we have inherited from the past. When asked to design new buildings, additions or alterations to existing buildings, our expertise and background in heritage conservation enables the design team at RBA to develop and offer a unique and sophisticated approach which is relevant, topical and sustainable.

Contemporary architecture comes in many forms. The RBA position is that we do not produce false, or mock heritage – some call it ‘Disney’ architecture – but instead we seek to develop a contemporary layer which bespeaks of its own era while remaining in positive dialogue with the inherited past.

Contemporary interventions at heritage sites demand a specialised approach to architecture. Our approach is driven by a recognition of the evolving nature of heritage and concern for the cultural, environmental and economic longevity of every place.

We generate design solutions from an understanding of the bigger picture: the site’s cultural and physical context, consultation with stakeholders and our client’s long-term aspirations.

RBA has experience in designing commercial, educational, residential and public buildings, including furniture and interiors. We are particularly skilled in adapting historic buildings to comply with contemporary amenity and safety standards. Our practice of engaging with statutory planning and heritage authorities early on helps to streamline the permit application process for our clients.

In addition, the team at RBA very often work comfortably and collaboratively with outside specialist design architects, providing guidance and leadership in developing appropriate contemporary interventions at heritage sensitive sites.