The cultural significance or ‘the story’ of a heritage place is not always legible in the physical manifestation of the site or building as it stands – especially where the modern context has been substantially altered. Interpretative measures provide insightful cues to assist visitors to be able to make sense of a place and foster an enriched understanding and appreciation of the heritage values.

Whilst the way in which the heritage place itself is presented is the most effective way of facilitating interpretation of cultural significance/heritage values, often this needs to be supplemented.

Heritage values of a place, site or building can be communicated in many ways. At a basic level interpretation takes the form of signage with text and images, however there are a broad range of other creative and engaging possibilities which might be more effective or appropriate such as artwork, landscaping, graphic displays, guided tours, or interactive installations.

Interpretation can also be used in instances where the heritage values are intangible or to commemorate a place that no longer exists.

RBA are expert at distilling and making sense of heritage values in a variety of forms. We prepare interpretation strategies and curate engaging content for interpretation projects, often working with graphic designers or artists.