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Recently, the History Council of Victoria, in combination with its counterparts across Australia, adopted a statement about the Value of History with an open invitation to endorse and share.

The staff at RBA second the statement and invite others to do so. Through our heritage work, we routinely witness and experience the power and role history plays in lives, both individual and collective. We are also well-aware that it is through built heritage conservation by which many Australians interact with our multiple pasts; consciously or otherwise.

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(Source: History Council of Victoria)

The work of our in-house historians provides the foundational spadework for many of our projects. Their application of a rigorous eye – one attuned to the unravelling of documentary sources and built fabric, the complexities embodied by celebratory local traditions, and recognition of ever shifting scholarship – is essential to our work in interrogating heritage places. Apart from being a regularly touted aspect of best-practice heritage management, we view the utilisation of historians as vital to achieving positive results, particularly in complicated and/or contentious heritage contexts. From stimulating design innovation to reconceptualising historic environments to avoiding regulatory delays by being confidently informed. The craft of history brings tangible benefits to heritage practice.

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One of RBA’s most exciting and all-encompassing projects of late has been the preparation of heritage reviews for the City of Glen Eira. Covering a considerable portion of the municipality – including Bentleigh, Carnegie, Caulfield, Glen Huntly and Elsternwick –  this wide ranging process has necessitated boots on the ground, days in the archives and an immersion in the historical evolution of an array of Melbourne’s quotidian yet significant landscapes, such as suburban streetscapes, commercial strips and public gardens, and individually distinctive and important places.
Carnegie heritage RBA Architects
This is a dynamic and ongoing venture and one that comes in the wake of a series of heritage studies and reviews undertaken by RBA in metropolitan and rural Victoria over the past several years.

We are strong advocates for the sensible and evidence-backed identification and assessment of heritage assets, commenced by these studies, provides the sinews of local and state heritage management systems. It is a real privilege to be collaborating with the City of Glen Eira in charting and conserving important local places. One that continues to hammer home the value of history within the office and keeps our history team beavering away.

16 October 2019

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