Why Choose Us?

  • We successfully manage and balance heritage conservation with the imperatives of the present and the future
  • We are highly experienced (25+ years in the heritage conservation sector)
  • We have an excellent reputation with relevant authorities, clients and property industry professionals
  • We provide expert, frank and fearless advice
  • We are confident, practical and efficient
  • We are contemporary, enthusiastic and fresh

Heritage is an Asset

Where many see a heritage listing as an obstacle to development, we recognise it as an opportunity to capture social and historical value and to activate financial potential. Our aim is to help you to recognise heritage significance as an asset you can leverage, rather than a hindrance to be overcome.

Understanding our built inheritance in this way opens up possibilities for truly unique and valuable projects that not only conserve our heritage, but also promote contemporary thinking and design.

Holistic sustainable development is about addressing cultural as well as ecological systems.

Heritage conservation and environmental conservation are complementary endeavours and we are inspired by the convergence of their objectives. Conserving cultural heritage is simply a part of the broader endeavour to conserve the whole environment. By conserving and adapting existing buildings we are eliminating materials wastage and conserving embodied energy in addition to conserving cultural values. Retaining and regenerating places of community value is fundamental to achieving truly sustainable outcomes.

Before introducing expensive, discordant and energy-hungry modern systems at a heritage building, we encourage our clients to explore the inherited passive systems a heritage place is likely to already to possess and to deploy them.

Our approach to heritage management is continually evolving as community and industry perceptions shift, and as we challenge our own thinking.

We participate in the contemporary dialogue and debate that shapes the heritage management field and pushes it forward. Regular staff participation in professional development workshops and conferences locally and internationally contributes to the growth of our practice and shared knowledge base.

We actively engage with contemporary heritage practice, taking a broad, place-based approach and recognising intangible community values such as language, skills and traditions, rather than limiting our focus to discrete buildings and monuments.